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Make sure to download my free e-book: The Rise of a Warrior.  This book will give you insights and tips to help you navigate through life’s changes and profess your life story. Filled with foundational truths, the 5 Pillars of the Warrior’s Journey equips you to embrace courage and live life in your strength’s zone. These principles gave me greater focus and clarity on how to live my life and my hope is that it will do the same for you.



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Are You Living at 2% Battery Life? How to Create Reserves to Help You Avoid Burnout and Achieve Peak Performance

Nothing warms my heart more than spending time with my kids. Recently, my youngest son Rock was home for 6 weeks over Christmas break. I love having him here and I’m fortunate that at 19 he makes time to pencil me into his busy social calendar. As much as I love Rock... read more

The Point of No Return: 3 Ways to Help You Cross the Rubicon and Make Difficult Decisions

Although I am not a history buff by any means, I do love the stories of history; the tales that unfold in real people and how they have impacted our world today intrigues me. Years ago, when I homeschooled my kids, the favorite part of my day was after lunch when we... read more

How to Break Out of a Defeating Negativity Loop and Boost Your Happiness

Have you ever been called out by a 5 year old? It’s been awhile; actuality it was quite a few years ago during the dog days of summer. My kids and I were on a quest for the proverbial dream family vacation.  The plan was to start out in Oakland, California drive to... read more

6 Powerful Tools to Unlock Your Potential and Change Anything You Want in Your Life

Last night I was sitting on the patio of a local restaurant at an outdoor mall when I saw what looked like a grown man with a zombie horse head pass right by me.  It gave me pause until I realized that there were other adults parading in costumes. Call me slow but it... read more
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