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This program looks at three key components that will help you strengthen your personal foundation:

  • Mountain Tops and Valleys
  • Recognizing Your Personal Needs
  • Identifying Your Core Values

The Purpose Of This Program Is To Help You:

  • Identify the things from your past that have had an impact on your life
  • Discover your personal needs that trigger negative emotional responses
  • Identify your core values so you can experience greater clarity and peace of mind

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What Is A Personal Foundation?

The simplest way to describe personal foundation is in engineering terms. In structural engineering, integrity refers to the infrastructure of a building. The goal is to design and construct a building that is capable of resisting the forces that come against it.

Like a skyscraper built on a strong foundation, integrity in humans refers to being whole and complete. In the same way that a building constructed properly can weather any storm, your personal foundation is designed to serve the same purpose. It is your unique infrastructure that supports you living a life of greater clarity, strength and confidence – one that is whole and complete.

Unfortunately we live in a world where integrity has been compromised emotionally, physically and mentally; thus weakening our personal foundation.

Overcome Obstacles

Once you recognize the obstacles from your past and identify your personal needs and core values, you will have a greater understanding of how these factors work to either hinder you from moving forward or enable you to be successful.

The Mountain Tops and Valleys section has no time limit on it. It is designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your life and to help you identify the events that have made a profound impact on your life. The goal is for you to see the gifts in all of your life situations; those that you deemed negative and those that you felt positively about. Finding the gifts in each situation will help strengthen your integrity.

The Needs and Values Section will take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Try not to over-analyze each question but go with your first thoughts since they usually are the most accurate.

Your Journey Matters

Are You Ready to Live a Regret-Free Life?

Unit 1: Mountain Tops and Valleys

Unit 2: Needs Assessment

Unit 3: Values Assessment

Final Step: 30 Minute Coaching Review

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