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Waking up the Warrior Within – With Rita Hudgens

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Rita’s message inspires, motivates and challenges her audience to think and act differently; consequently, WAKING UP THE WARRIOR within.

As a Positive Psychology Expert, Rita emboldens her audience to wake up their inner warrior to tap into their existing and unrealized strengths and be empowered to proactively change their lives. With clear knowledge and newfound wisdom, the audience will have the tools and roadmap to create their inspired and fulfilled life.

Through this empowering presentation your audience will:

  • Know how to intentionally set up strategies to help them successfully navigate their life storms.
  • Have practical tools to help them reduce stress, enhance their wellbeing, and increase productivity.
  • Increase their leadership skillset to help them be better leaders and communicators.

Favorite Keynotes:

Building Resilience: Waking up the Warrior Within

Mastering Stress: Creating a Life of Balance and Flow

Breaking Barriers to Achieve Breakthrough Results

Shattering Strongholds: Living the Life God Designed You to Live

Those who attend Rita’s presentations know how to identify and conquer obstacles with energy and focus and uncover and replace mindsets that have been holding them back from their most fulfilling life. After this empowering event, the audience will be able to answer the following questions with certainty:

“What do I now know that I didn’t before?”

“What can I do now that I couldn’t do before?”

“How have my feelings and attitudes changed and improved as a result of this empowerment training?”

Leadership Empowerment Program

The goal of the Leadership Empowerment Program is to share core leadership components with the attendees that will empower them to see that they are each unique individuals with untapped strengths and potential inside of them. This awareness will help them better navigate change and thrive in the life they are called to live.

Some topics include:

Your Heroes Journey

The Neuroscience of Goal Attainment

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Creating a Life of Balance and Flow

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Owning Change

Building Your Power Zone

Life Changing Keystone Habits

End Result:

By completing the program, your attendees will have the knowledge and tools to rise up as leaders within the group or workplace, increase their independence, establish a support system, and know how to be proactive in taking responsibility for their commitments.

“Our collaboration with TransformU Leadership Academy has had one of the most profound impacts on our adult community. This leadership program empowered participants to expand their comfort zones, take leadership positions within our organization and move in new directions with their professional and personal lives.”

– Quote from Christopher Reeve Foundation (Read More)

Client Testimonials

As a result of working with Rita, I have experienced increased self-confidence and self- awareness, greater control of stress, and an empowered mindset to accomplish my goals. Rita is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and impactful. Because of her leadership program, my life is forever changed and I now have the tools to be an effective leader!

Jessica Mobley – Part of Leadership Empowerment Program

Feeling overwhelmed by the combat zones in your life? Clear the mind clutter and let Rita Hudgens help you run the obstacle course to help yourself. Thank you for the amazing presentation at the Hispanic Women’s Corporation Leadership Institutes. You truly woke up this Warrior!

Linda Mazon Gutierrez – Hispanic Women’s Corporation Leadership Institute

As a person with a disability, I have had a lack of self-confidence throughout my life. While working with Rita I had the opportunity to self-examine through her big asks and questions posed to the group. It is because of what I learned about myself in those sessions that I am now the president of my Toastmasters club and am embarking on a speaking career of my own. I will forever be grateful to the insights I gained from her expertise.

Enock Glidden – Part of Leadership Empowerment Program

Rita Hudgens, was a delight and an inspiration to the YWCA Young Women’s Forum. She motivated the attendees using real life experiences and captured the minds and hearts of the audience. Her presentation was not only educational, but entertaining and inspired the attendees towards change and growth. Rita is simply wonderful!

Bridgett Costello – Executive Director YWCA

I had the pleasure of hearing Rita present at a large international conference of senior law enforcement officials. I can think of no other setting where there would be a greater need of the attendees to seek balance in their lives. Likewise, I can imagine no other audience where it would be more difficult to pierce their veil of stoicism to help achieve such a balance. However, Rita possesses the skills to do just that. Her experience and tempered understanding of the human spirit offers the proper equilibrium found in few other such presenters. Whether searching for confidence in your profession or your life, Rita’s training can help clear the mental obstacles and lead you toward the pursuit of success.

John Iannarelli, FBI retired – Speaker, Author, Consultant