A Lifetime of Difference

Direction Like No Other

As a busy entrepreneur, running the daily activities of my business is a full-time undertaking. There is little time available to focus on growth and development – key components of a successful business. I realized I needed help when my lists were getting longer and most of my work time was spent feeling overwhelmed. Working with Rita has been a life changing experience for me. Helping to unlock the thoughts in my head, and then understand where to take them. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there.  Rita has been instrumental in helping me move forward. She’s given me the skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks, as well as set reasonable deadlines. It’s a series of small achievable steps but when I look back I realize that since we started working together, I’ve come a long way.

N F Lopo

I have had the opportunity to have Rita as my coach for 9 months.  In that time, she has helped me reach several insights that have transformed my outlook on key areas of my life.  She has a warm and open nature that makes you instantly comfortable no matter the subject.  She also has the ability to ask the one key question that suddenly lets you see the forest for the trees.  I cannot recommend her strongly enough to anyone who is in search of a coach to help them get unstuck and achieve great results in any aspect of their personal or professional life.

Bryan Gilliom

Level 5 Coaching Group, Birmingham, AL

I’ve known Rita for over 14 years and she is a great listener with profound insights. She cares deeply about people and their issues, but she also has a timely, keen sense of humor to help lighten-up otherwise overwhelming situations.

Dr. David Tullos

Jackson, MS

Beyond being a super person, Rita is an amazing coach. She helped me realize my need for “reserves” in my life. Now I have a more balanced life providing me the opportunity to fulfill all my passions; being a focused and loving husband and father and a driven entrepreneur.

Ryan Parker

Owner at Xpleo Media, Cave Creek, AZ

Working with Rita has been a great blessing to me. She has not only helped me to archive goals, but more importantly, she has enabled me to find my core values and ways to live a life of passion, purpose and impact. She is a great listener and has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures that allow me to accomplish my life goals. Life coaching has given me the ability to focus on something concrete and see it evolve. Thank- you Rita. You are a treasure and a rich blessing in my life.

Daniel A. Olivas

IT Consultant

In 2014, I went through a tough divorce, had a new challenging business, and had old unaddressed issues. I was overwhelmed, anxious and life was stressful. I wasn’t able to face those issues on my own.  It was time for a change and time to seek a professional help. I had no idea where I wanted to go or how I’d get there. I only knew I had to do it. Knowing my values, needs and goals, Rita and I prioritized what I wanted for my health, spirituality, career and relationships. From very basic things like organizing my home, to filling out job applications, to dealing with childhood traumas and anxieties, we faced those things that I had refused to look at for so long. She is a great listener. I really felt heard, understood and accepted, and that has been a key to my trusting the coaching process. After a short period of consulting with Rita, Things began to fall into place. She has been there for me, encouraging me and celebrating my life transformation all the time. She is a compassionate human and a professional coach. Thank you, Rita. Not only you’ve been my mentor but also my friend throughout the coaching process.


Rita has mastered the art of coaching. She exudes professionalism in every aspect of mind, body, and spirit. You can tell when someone is passionate about their career and helping others…Rita has that passion. Moreover, she’s been through highs and lows which makes her communication relatable. I highly recommend Rita for personal or professional help.

Malcolm Gwilliam

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scottsdale, AZ

Working with Rita and Transform University has been an all-around positive experience. It has helped me to move forward and set and achieve goals that otherwise might not happen. I would recommend using them for anyone looking to better themselves.

Rob F.

Scottsdale, AZ

Rita is a trusted colleague, tremendous coach and caring human. Together, we certified in John Maxwell Leadership coaching, training and speaking – have worked to build Ignite as a leading peer-to-peer organization, and I’d recommend her to anyone seeking to build a greater sense of confidence and self- esteem.

Brian Wagner

Scottsdale, AZ

I have had Rita as both my professional and personal life coach. She holds me accountable for both my success and failures. Rita has helped me understand my true self and has helped me recognize my core life values. She encourages my journey as I transform into the best version of myself. Coaching has been a life changing experience; the best investment I could have made was to invest in myself. My 2017 success quote is by Queen B, “Winners don’t quit on themselves”

Alicia Neal

Scottsdale, AZ

Our seminar for parents of special needs children was greatly enhanced by Rita’s session on identifying and balancing priorities. Rita’s warmth and topic knowledge engaged the audience and left us wishing we had allowed in our schedule more time to be with her!

Shari Runnels

Executive Director at Spina Bifida Association of Arizona

I have had a truly transformative experience as a client. I have been able to get clarity and reach goals I never dreamed possible. Most importantly, I feel that I’m being listened to and given a pathway to find sensible solutions. I give Transform University my highest recommendation.

Dr. Abby Fox

Rita is absolutely amazing. With her coaching, I was able to find my purpose, build my confidence (which lead me to opening my own business) and navigate through difficult conversations. My favorite part about her is she listens- really listens. She uses creative exercises that help you reach your goals, build confidence and inner strength- even when you think you are strong- she will coach you to the next level! Thank you Rita for everything you do! You are a precious gem.

Gigi Cardella

The Hair Phix, Scottsdale, AZ

My experience with Rita has been nothing short of amazing! She is such a caring loving person who goes out of her way to help others see their full potential. Since working with Rita, not only do I have a better understanding of my goals but she has help me open my mind and look at things in such a way that has allowed me to overcome objections that once stood before me. It is clear she is passionate about her clients so much that she makes them feel like they are family. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to better their life.

Adam Bird

Heroes Media Group, Phoenix, AZ

Rita has a great ability in helping you to see things about yourself that you’d probably never discuss (out loud). If you feel as if you’re in a rut in life you will not regret your time with her.

Dr. Bobby Brewer

Rita Hudgens, was a delight and an inspiration to the YWCA Young Women’s Forum.  She motivated the attendees using real life experiences and captured the minds and hearts of the audience.  Her presentation was not only educational, but entertaining and inspired the attendees towards change and growth.  Rita is simply wonderful!

Bridgett Costello

Director of Development at YMCA Metropolitan Phoenix

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