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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.”
George R.R. Martin

I have to be honest with you; I hold a deep love affair with books. I’m certain I have an inner librarian living inside of me. I love to read.  Whenever I attempt to become a minimalist and declutter my house, the first thing I look at is my books. I have book shelves in my bedroom, in the family room, in the dining room in the garage, and in storage.  I quickly ditch my minimalist mentality at least when it comes to purging my books. They are my treasures. They have taken me to magical places I had only dreamed of, taught me things I could never have thought of on my own, and introduced me to remarkable people who have impacted my life profoundly.

Working with high performers, I’ve discovered that those driven to succeed relentlessly pursue learning and growth.  They are passionate about learning for its own sake and this passion fuels them and brings a high degree of knowledge and skill credibility to their work. Much of that learning comes from books – either reading or listening to.

Developing a habit of reading is powerful; it expands your knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, reveals untapped passions, and improves brain function. I encourage you to cultivate a habit of reading.  I know it will add so much value to your life and because of that; I’ve included a reading list in this resource section.

Just an FYI, I did not go online and google books in different categories. This reading list comes from a pretty intimate group: they are books that either I have read or my kids have read.  I will continue to update this list periodically.


The book list is categorized in the following divisions:

Life Clarity Assessment

Deep Dive Activity Worksheet

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