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Are These 4 Fatal Words Holding You Hostage - Transform University Blog

Are These 4 Fatal Words Holding You Hostage?

When your happiness is contingent on someone or something else, you have given away all of your authority to a source you have no control over.

The Science of Not Complaining - Rita Hudgens Life Coach

The Science of Not Complaining: How to Break the Habit of Negativity and Experience Greater Happiness

Negative thoughts and negative emotions steal your joy. When you free yourself from the negative thoughts, you fuel your life with hope and faith instead of fear, doubt, and anxiety.

Learn How to Not Give Up On Your Dreams - Rita Hudgens Personal Development

Why Most People Give Up On Their Dreams: Learn How to Not Be One of Them

Let’s look at some ways that you can stop hiding and discover the freedom to stand tall and face the perceived giants in your life.

Live Well Podcast With Rita Hudgens and Brett Coleman

The Power of Choice – Podcast with Rita Hudgens

On this episode of the Live Well Radio Podcast with Brett Coleman, Rita Hudgens talks about the power of choice and how we’re not a product of our circumstances but rather a product of our decisions.

Avoid Not Reaching Potential - Personal Development Blog

6 Things You Must Do in the Next 6 Months to Avoid Not Reaching Your Potential

How confident are you in what you are doing NOW to avoid not living up to your potential? The good news is that your potential doesn’t have to lie forgotten in the cemetery of buried treasures.

Just Say No - 5 Steps to Taking Back Your Power

Just Say No – 5 Steps to Taking Back Your Power

Do you find yourself continually overcommitting your services and your valued time? Why do people say yes when everything inside of them is saying NO? Let’s look at building confidence in your NO.