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Lessons Learned From the Powerful Bamboo To Build a Resilient Mindset

Lessons from the Bamboo: 3 Must-Have Skill Sets to Create a Resilient Mindset

In today’s post I am going to share with you 3 powerful skill sets you can learn from the bamboo to cultivate a resilient mindset; one that is especially needed during this rebuilding time in our world.

Coaching Yourself COURAGEOUSLY – Facing Risk and Flourishing in a Post Covid19 World

Is risk your friend or foe? The answer to that question is determined by your belief system. Read 3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Risk in my latest blog.

Coaching Yourself COURAGEOUSLY – Perspective: Ushering in the New and Improved Normal

My latest blog tells you how to sharpen your wisdom and perspective skills to help you as you are ushering in a new and improved normal.