3 Powerful Keys to End 2017 on a High Note

Dear December, Who invited you here so prematurely, aren’t you arriving a bit sooner than usual? Does anyone else feel slightly overwhelmed this time of year?  I woke up very early this morning which happened to be the first Sunday of December. As I flipped the light... read more

6 Steps to Living a Life with No Regrets

The other night my friend and I had just finished dinner and were walking through a very familiar parking lot to the car.  As I glanced to my left, I saw a cluster of fast food restaurants and unexpectedly memories engulfed me; I felt like time stood still. In an... read more

3 Surefire Ways to Master Your Fears with Valor

It had been a very long day and I got home later than usual.  I was going to skip dinner and just blend a protein drink so I could sit down and decompress from my day. I was greeted at the door by my dog Valor. Unfortunately she had been inside way longer than what... read more

3 Winning Keys to Accept Life Changes and Flourish

May 23, 2015 Although it’s been two full years since my mother passed away, I remember it as if it were yesterday. She was living out her final days on this earth -her time was drawing near. No one could believe she was still alive. She had gone 23 days without food,... read more

De-Stress | Breathe – Laugh – No Joke

No, there is no way!  Not another bad doctor’s report.  First there was Epstein Barr, then Systemic Strep, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, and now this……..Lyme disease.  I sat in the doctor’s office in disbelief.  I had been fighting for my health for years: insomnia, chronic... read more

Healthy Lifestyles for Successful Living

We live in a microwave, drive-through society.  We want quick fixes for everything with little effort and no sacrifice expended.  We want to take a magic pill to lose 15 pounds yesterday.  Quick fixes may work for a time but are rarely permanent, always come with side... read more
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