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“There are three stages to every work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”  – J. Hudson Taylor

Do you ever feel like you are continually swimming upstream? Facing seemingly impossible situations at worst or difficult challenges at best?

If so, you are not alone, that’s exactly what my life was like. I’m Rita and the tagline of my life is: Impossible, Difficult, Done but the “Done” part did not come easy. From early childhood, I lived with panic anxiety disorder.  Panic attacks were the norm, not the exception.  I became extremely skilled at taking the “flight” option when dealing with fear rather than learning to “fight” my demons.

Think back – what was your childhood like? Are you still wrestling demons that are draining your energy and trying to steal your purpose? If so, it’s time to put an end to that defeating mindset and move forward. It just takes one tiny step.

When you want something bad enough, have you ever noticed that life has a strange way of being a great teacher to bring it about? That’s what happened to me – God used one endless obstacle and trial after another to draw out of me strength, courage and determination I never knew I had.

As an adult, I fought a chronic two year life threatening illness that eventually landed me in the Intensive Care Unit of the local hospital. I was in respiratory failure.  I had 4 young children who were scared and anxiously waiting at home for me to return.  Fighting for my life on that dreadful night of August 29, 2001, gasping for every breath I took, I saw the faces of each of my children flash before me. I knew flight was no longer an option. For the first time in my life I had to learn to fight.  God spared my life, and I did return home 7 days later.

Have you fought battles in your life thinking, that’s it, I’ve passed this test, I’ve overcome, only to discover that you are still swimming upstream?  Nine years after the ICU incident, my marriage abruptly ended. For over 30 years I had been a stay at home mom and had homeschooled my four children. My life, my dreams and my identity were wiped away with a single strike of a judge’s wooden gavel pronouncing the marriage dissolved.

Having limited work skills and zero professional experience, I suddenly found myself with no job training, no home, and no assets – only debt and an enormous amount of guilt, depression and chronic health problems.

To be brutally honest, I was tired of fighting, I didn’t want to continue anymore. It truly was the dark night of my soul. I had sunk into a depression much deeper than any pit imaginable.  I thought everything and everyone was against me; but then I thought again. That was a key word for me – thought. I desperately needed to retrain my brain before I could move forward. It was a choice. Once I changed my thoughts, I was then able to embrace the faith I always knew I had deep down inside and find the courage to go on.

Those were my major Inflection Points™. There was a tremendous amount of loss – financially, personally, relationally with no Plan B. I didn’t have a career or profession to fall back on. Yet the irony of it is – these seemingly devastating disruptions birthed my purpose; to make a difference in the world – to bring others a message of inspiration and encouragement.

What are your Inflection Points™?  What do you need to get free from?

  • A self-defeating mindset?
  • Chronic procrastination?
  • A past that still defines you?
  • Fear that has a vice grip on you?

The good news is you too have the power of choice.  You can stay where you’re at and be a victim or overcome your circumstances and be a victor. It’s heads or tails – you can’t be both.

I chose to be a victor and if I can do it; so can you. The odds were heavily stacked against me. In my mid 50’s, as a single mom still homeschooling 1 child, and taking care of my own mother with dementia, I embarked on a new career. I started coaching people just like you to face life’s challenges with clarity, courage and confidence.

Fast forward to today.  I founded Transform University, a company that specializes in lifestyle transformation. As a Leadership and Personal Development Coach, I help individuals make positive changes in their behavior which enables them to be who they were designed to be.

I am both humbled and grateful as I look back and see how far I’ve come. I am an author, keynote speaker, Internationally Certified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation and a candidate member of the National Speakers Association.  I did it one step at a time – holding on to a sliver of hope and walking through that thin veil of fear that once tormented me.

I chose my tagline in life and would love to help you stop swimming upstream. Impossible Difficult Done is possible for you – you just need to take that first step.

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