“Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.” – Steve Maraboli

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful in achieving their goals and others wallow around for years not having any forward movement? Those that consistently build patterns of success have one thing in common; they don’t make excuses for anything in their life.

Losers Limp

If you have watched athletic events, chances are that you’ve witnessed the Loser’s Limp. One example of this is when a baseball player misses an easy play; a sure catch.  Let’s say the athlete is healthy and injury-free. However, after the botched play, he immediately rubs his arm or starts limping; insinuating that an injury is the reason why he missed the play; in essence, it’s an excuse.

This example is the epitome of a Loser’s Limp. It’s pretty obvious in sports. But what about everyday life? What is your Loser’s Limp?  What excuses do you come up with when your performance doesn’t meet your expectations? Some examples of excuses:

  • Traffic was heavy and made me late.”
  • “My colleague brought donuts to work; I had to eat some.”
  • “The gym will be crowded; I don’t want to have to wait for equipment.”
  • “6 am came earlier than expected; I had to hit snooze.”

The Cost of Excuses

Excuses are a handicap; guaranteed to interfere with goal achievement.

Besides being a hindrance, excuses also thwart you from building a resilient mindset which is vital for success.

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One Critical Decision

There is one sure-fire way to attain your goals and stop walking in the Loser’s Limp mindset- be decisive and take personal responsibility for everything that happens to you.

This one resolve can transform your life. If you don’t do anything else this New Year, do this one thing and watch your life change.

Once you take responsibility for your actions, you will experience unfound freedom and empowerment. You will no longer blame, point fingers at others, or be a victim. We all know that victims cannot be victors.

This is an empowering mindset that will revolutionize your life.

“If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” – Les Brown

Keep believing,

Always remember – Nothing is Impossible

Rita Hudgens
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