“Don’t believe everything you think.” – Thomas E. Kida

All of us do it; some of us are masters at it. What am I talking about? Making assumptions; believing something that is true without having any relevant data or evidence to support it. This is a faulty thinking trap that most of us are guilty of falling into.

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Sadly, so many people live their entire lives always jumping to conclusions and never questioning their assumptions; consequently, they make life-decisions based on ideas that are simply not true.

Where do you think you fall in this assumption/truth continuum?

When things go wrong, do you habitually blame yourself? Are you quick to blame others? If so, you just might want to read on. Correcting this one faulty thinking trap has the potential to dramatically change your life.

Some Examples of Assumptions:

  • Your best friend hasn’t talked to you for days; you assume he/she is mad at you.
  • Your manager calls you into his office; you assume you did something wrong.
  • You saw two co-workers enjoying lunch together; you assume they intentionally excluded you.
  • Your parents had a toxic relationship; you assume you will too and choose to never marry.

What can you do to switch from assumptive thinking to healthy, rational thinking? Let’s look at 3 ways.

3 Steps to Overcome Assumptions:

  • Stop and catch yourself. Get into the habit of being aware of your thinking.
  • Know that you are what you think and you make decisions based on your belief system.
  • Ask yourself questions such as, “What assumption am I making about myself right now? Am I judging this person or this situation?”

Making these minor adjustments to your thought processes will help you be less judgmental in life. This new habit will open up a whole new way of possibility thinking for you.

Hopefully, you recognize the dangers of assumptive thinking. Since our belief system drives our behavior, having a solid plan in place to catch this faulty thinking trap will allow you to more easily overcome life’s difficulties and soar.

Keep believing,


Always Remember – Nothing is Impossible

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