The Hero’s Journey: A Mindful Accord Podcast is a podcast where we share personal hero’s journeys. A source of inspiration as you travel on your hero’s journey.

The Hero's Jouney of Rita Hudgens

by Mindful Accord Podcast | The Hero's Journey

Rita Hudgens
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Rita Hudgens

Leadership and Personal Development Coach at Transform University
Rita is a Performance Improvement Coach. Her mission is simple; she helps entrepreneurs, achievers, and leaders make positive changes in their behavior. She empowers her clients so they are more in control of their present which in turn gives them a greater sense of self-confidence. She creates a safe environment for them and builds on their values, passions and strengths so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Rita helps her clients:
• Embrace their true potential
• Change their limiting beliefs/thoughts
• Create Purpose
• Live Empowered, Confident, and Successful Lives

Contact Rita for a free 30 minute consultation at: 480-603-5804
Rita Hudgens
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