The office was dimly lit but not as dim as my heart and soul was.  I was on a coaching call with my mentor and business coach, Margot Wurst.  I was on the verge of losing my house, my credit, my marriage and all my hopes and dreams.  Margot asked me what particular coaching niche I intended to focus on for my coaching career.  I was overwhelmed and exhausted but I saw an image in my mind of an ocean bank on a dark night with a flicker of a light coming from a lighthouse in the distance.  “I don’t know Margot,” I sadly replied. “I just want to be a light to help people rekindle their lost dreams.”  “Wow, did you hear what you just said?” Margot stated with excitement in her voice.  I barely recollected my words; I was sinking because of the weight of my circumstances.

Where are you in regards to your dream – are you living it?  Or are you sinking because of the weight of your circumstances?  Your circumstances are going to change; but if your dream is tied to your purpose in life – it won’t change, it will call out your name till you follow it.

There are many obstacles that block dreams: troubles, tribulations, people, finances, illnesses, and disappointments.  So how do you overcome the roadblocks that cause discouragement and try to stop you from pursuing your dreams?

1.  Gap

Recognize that there is always a gap between when your dream is planted in your heart and when it comes to fruition.  It is usually in this gap when people give up.  What you do in the gap period will determine if you live out your dream or if you settle for less, or even worse – if you give up completely on your dream.

2. Sacrifice

Rarely is there a victory without sacrifice.  Are you willing to pay the price?  The bigger your dream; the greater the sacrifice.  If you want to be at the top of your dream get use to sacrifice, it never stops.  In the words of John Maxwell, “Sacrifice is an ongoing process – not a one –time payment.”

3. Purpose

A true God given dream is tied to your purpose in life and will align with your values.  Does your dream line up with your values?  Can you feel the significance of your dream in your life and in those around you?  If not, revisit your values.   Make sure you are certain of your life purpose and make any adjustments you need to on your dream.

It has been eight years since I had that conversation with my coach Margot Wurst.  So much has happened.  Yes, I did lose my house, my credit, my marriage and sad to say I lost my dear mentor coach Margot to cancer a few weeks ago.  Margot lived her dream of helping others and was able to support and encourage those who were going through the same cancer battle she was. She certainly played a huge part in me not giving up on my dream despite overwhelming circumstances.  I still hear her voice speaking to me and saying, “Wow – listen to what you just said.”  She heard my dream loud and clear despite the dimness of the room, the dimness of my heart and the dimness of my soul.  She encouraged me to pay the price to pursue it.  I found hope and am living my dream of helping people who are going through transitions in life.  I hope this message gives you a little bit of light to find your way to the shore, rekindle your lost dream and live it out loud.

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