“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” – Shannon L. Alder

Crisis Kit

I have created this anti-anxiety and anti-stress tool kit, proven by science, to help you reduce anxiety and stress. I guarantee you that if you implement some of these ideas and use these tools; you will navigate this uncertainty boat like a highly skilled Captain.

We are all experiencing unique times right now. History is being recorded for you, me, and the world.

How do you want to be remembered when COVID-19 is mentioned in the future?

The Greatest Generation

In 1998, NBC Nightly News anchor and author Tom Brokaw wrote a book entitled, The Greatest Generation.  In it, he coined the term, “The Greatest Generation” to describe those people who went through the Great Depression and fought or supported those fighting in WW2.

In his book Brokaw stated,

“These men and women fought not for fame or recognition but because it was the right thing to do. When they came back, they rebuilt America into a Superpower.”

That is our history; it is fact not fake news. Our ancestors fought many of the same enemies we are facing today; fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Their circumstances were entirely different than what we are facing today but the battles are the same.

This story of history has to give us hope and that’s what my message is for you today; one of hope. I want you to be equipped with knowledge and tools to latch on to hope during these unique times.

I’ll be sharing one exercise with you today that will help you build resilience as we are all going through disruptions and uncertainty. Developing a resilient mindset will allow you to combat fear so you can write a bestselling story of your life that will encourage and inspire those who come after you.

Traits of Resilience

As we look back on The Greatest Generation, what are some of the traits that defined these brave men and women?

They were determined, courageous, and excelled at persevering. They were loyal individuals who sacrificed for the greater good.

Mentor Exercise

Think of a person whom you admire; someone who has made a profound impact on your life. Once you have that person in mind:

  • Write down their name
  • To the right of their name list the character traits they possess
  • Share how those traits have impacted your life
  • Choose two or three traits that could help you during these COVID-19 challenges

You don’t necessarily have to know this person; they could be a historical figure or a fictitious character from a favorite book or movie of yours.


Name: Character Trait:


I practice this exercise often and use it with my clients. Personally, I have a few Mentors in my life and I remember their stories when I’m facing challenging times.

Bertha Castillo

My mom, Bertha Castillo is a mentor of mine. My mom was orphaned at age 10 and had to overcome extreme poverty, the Great Depression, WW2, and fought Dementia with grace and courage in the last few years of her life.

I learned courage, perseverance, love, and faith from my mom. She never gave up; not even at the end.

Corrie ten Boom

Another person who has affected my life profoundly was Corrie ten Boom. Corrie and her family were all taken as prisoners by the Gestapo and placed in concentration camps where they suffered horrific atrocities at the hands of their captors. This included her 84-year-old father who died shortly after being incarcerated. Corrie’s sister Betsy also died in prison.

The irony in the story is that the ten Booms were a Dutch family; they were not Jews. They were taken by the Nazis for hiding Jews in their home during the Holocaust.

I’ve never met Corrie ten Boom but I’ve read all her books and have many of her words of faith and forgiveness etched in my heart. Her spirit lives on today, many years after her passing.

Carlos Castillo

My dad, Carlos Castillo, is yet another mentor of mine. My dad’s division stormed the beaches of Normandy the day after D-Day, also known as D-Day plus one.

I cannot even come close to relating to the powerful emotions of fear and dread he faced not only on that day, but all the days at sea leading up to that event. I am forever grateful to my dad for his courage in the face of adversity and his willingness to do what he needed for the greater good.

I call on that bravery when I’m scared knowing that if he could do what he did, I can certainly do whatever I need to do.

Your Story

What do you want your COVID-19 story to say? Unfortunately, oftentimes the main contributors to your story have no authority providing content to your book.

Some impostors who contribute to your life story are:

  • Fear
  • Discouragement
  • Dread

You cannot be both the hero and the villain of your story; you must choose which one you want.

All epic sagas are stories of resiliency and triumph. If you want to have a blockbuster life story and leave an enduring legacy for others to want to emulate, you must set a firm intention and write yourself into the hero’s role. Ask yourself some essential questions:

  • How are you going to overcome the conflict you are facing right now?
  • What foes do you need to vanquish?
  • What inner strength do you possess to help you overcome this obstacle?

Obtain a bird’s eye view and recognize the frauds that are contributing to your story so you can minimize their influence over your thoughts.

Use the Mentor Trait Exercise to help you tap into the traits you want to develop.

Crisis Kit

I have created this anti-anxiety and anti-stress tool kit, proven by science, to help you reduce anxiety and stress. I guarantee you that if you implement some of these ideas and use these tools; you will navigate this uncertainty boat like a highly skilled Captain.

What You Choose To Do Matters

Epic stories are brimming with adventure; they are odysseys that keep us spellbound and holding our breath to see what happens next.  Every great story is built upon a protagonist who faces many trials, yet comes through the fire victorious.

The conflicts you are currently facing are a necessary struggle that creates a tension that must be resolved; it is a vital element to your story.  Without struggle there would be no triumph or character transformation; the world would miss an opportunity to see a hero emerge.

The same is true in our lives right now; there must be conflict in order to produce a hero.  With each difficult circumstance, there are embedded seeds to yield greatness and transformation.

Your story matters. You can be a victor or a victim. Those who have gone before us prevailed and rebuilt America into a Superpower; so can you. The choice is yours.

What stories are others going to share about you? Whose heart is your name going to be etched in?

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let fear, doubt, or uncertainty hold the pen.” – Rita Hudgens

Make it a CALM day,

Always remember – Nothing is Impossible

Rita Hudgens
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